Pramudi Suraweera B.Sc.(hons), M.Sc., Ph.D.
Taken in Sri Lanka

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I am a post-doctoral research fellow at the Computer Science and Software Engineering department of the University of Canterbury , New Zealand. I completed my PhD from the same University in 2006. My PhD in the area of Intelligent Tutoring Systems was completed in 2006.

My doctoral research was in the area of Intelligent Tutoring Sytems, where the goal is to use Artificial Intelligence to mimic human teachers by customising the learning experience to each individual student. Majority of Intelligent Tutoring Systems are developed as practice environments that encourage learning by doing.

These systems require an encoding of the targeted area of knowledge to be taught. This encoding has to be in the form that can be interpreted by computers (i.e. in a formal representation). My doctoral research was focussed on generating the required knowledge with the assistance of an expert of the domain. As domain experts cannot be expected to learn how to encode knowledge of the domain in the formal representation, the required information was extracted using higher level representations such as a map of concepts of the domain, problems and solutions etc.

The outcome of my research was an authoring system capable to producing the encoded knowledge by allowing an expert of the domain to provide the required components dependant on the domain. The system used machine learning techniques to produce the knowledge elements. A number of evaluations revealed that the authoring system was effective for a variety of domains.

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