Pramudi Suraweera B.Sc.(hons), M.Sc., Ph.D.
Research Overview

Automatic Acquisition of Knowledge for Constraint-based Tutors

Acquiring the domain knowledge is a task that requires a major portion of the time and effort when building an ITS. Researchers have been exploring ways of automating the knowledge acquisition process since the inception of ITSs with limited success. All past research attempts have focussed on acquiring knowledge for procedural domains. Our goal is to develop an authoring system that acquires knowledge for procedural as well as non-procedural domains. We propose a four phase approach: composing an ontology of the domain, extracting syntax constraint from it, learning semantic constraints from the examples provided by the domain expert and finally verifying the generated constraints.

Authoring process

We propose a four-stage process to infer constraints automatically.

System Architecture

The architecture of the knowledge acquisition system for CBM consists of an ontology workspace, ontology checker, problem/solution manager and syntax and semantic constraint generators.

User interface