Pramudi Suraweera B.Sc.(hons), M.Sc., Ph.D.
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Journal Publications

Conference Papers

  • Suraweera, P., Mitrovic, A, Martin, B., Constraint Authoring System: An Empirical Evaluation In: R. Luckin, K. Koedinger, J. Greer (Eds.) Proc. Artificial Intelligence in Education 2007, Marina Del Rey, Los Angles, pp. 451-458, 2007
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  • Mitrovic, A, Suraweera P., Martin, B., Zakharov K., Milik N. and Holland J., Authoring Constraint-based Tutors in ASPIRE. Proc. Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2006, Taiwan, pp. 41-50, 2006 [115 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P., Mitrovic, A. and Martin, B., A Knowledge Acquisition System for Constraint-based Intelligent Tutoring Systems. In: C-K Looi, G. McCalla, B. Bredeweg, J. Breuker (Eds.) Proc. Artificial Intelligence in Education 2005, Amsterdam, Netherlands, pp. 638-645, 2005 [43 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P., Mitrovic, A, Martin, B. The role of domain ontology in knowledge acquisition for ITSs. In: J. Lester, R. Vicari, F. Paraguaçu (Eds.) Proc. Intelligent Tutoring Systems Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2004, Maceio, Brazil, Springer , pp. 207-216, 2004 [776 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P., Mitrovic, A, Martin, B. The use of ontologies in ITS domain knowledge authoring . In J. Mostow, P. Tedesco (eds.). Proc. 2nd Int. Workshop on Applications of Semantic Web for E-learning SWEL'04, ITS 2004, Maceio, Brazil, pp. 41-49, 2004. [215 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P. Automatic Acquisition of Knowledge for Constraint-based Tutors . Student Track, Proc. Intelligent Tutoring Systems Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2004 (2004). [53 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P. and Mitrovic, A., KERMIT: a Constraint-based Tutor for Database Modelling. In: S. Cerri, G. Gouarderes and F. Paraguacu (eds.) Proc. Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2002, Biarritz, France, LCNS 2363, 377-387, 2002. [455 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P. & Mitrovic, A. Designing an Intelligent Tutoring System for Database Modelling. In Smith, M.J. and Salvendy, G. (eds.). Proc. of 9th Internatoinal Conference on Human-Computer Interaction (HCII 2001), New Orlands, LA, August 2001, vol. 2, pp. 745-749. [303 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P. KERMIT: A Knowledge-based Entity Relationship Modelling Intelligent Tutor. Proc. New Zealand computer science research students' conference, Christchurch, NZ, 2001
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  • Mitrovic, A., Suraweera, P. Evaluating an Animated Pedagogical Agent. Proc. Intelligent Tutoring Systems 2000, G. Gauthier, C. Frasson and K. VanLehn (eds), Springer, pp. 73-82, 2000. [114 KB pdf]

Other publications

  • Suraweera, P. An Intelligent Teaching System for Database Modelling, Masters thesis, 2004. [895 KB pdf]
  • Suraweera, P. An Animated Pedagogical Agent for SQL-Tutor, Honours report, 1999. [282 KB pdf]